Friday, March 06, 2009

Givin' it up...

Since lent is in full swing, many people are giving things up until Easter - meat, TV, caffeine, blogging...As little as I have had to say this past week, maybe I should have given up blogging for a few weeks, then I would have had an excuse for my lack of creative thinking and writing. I digress. My hubby and I were discussing the concept of lent and how our initial reaction is negative. This probably stems from feeling like lent has become more of a legalistic thing to do (for some people) than an actual matter of fasting, for prayer or for a specific need. Have you ever felt like you had to give something up because of the conviction of the Holy Spirit. Something that wasn't "bad" (like killing people), but was maybe bad for you?

I have. When I first became a Christian I decided (with the encouragement of my future husband) to pawn all my CD's. I had a LOT of music. I remember feeling the tug on my heart, my flesh wanting to keep all of them because I paid good money for them, and my spirit telling me to get rid of them because of what they represented. I see in hindsight how the Lord wanted me to purge, some things, for a season.

Me and music have a very emotional bond. Norse and I joke about the soundtrack of our lives because music takes us right back to where we were when the song first played. I see now those CD's, at that time, would have only caused me to think about how great those moments were, when really, those moments had been destroying me. I needed to be free from the temptation to "return to Egypt" and press on to greater freedom. It has been 9 years since I traded in my music for cold, hard, cash. The last few years I have been able to listen to the songs of my past knowing that I am a different person now. I can listen to a song now and not glorify those past times, but be thankful that they are behind me (and forgiven). I have a great god who has given me new life (and my old tunes back).

With that said, I am not giving anything up for lent. Are you? What does lent mean to you?


  1. My hubby and I got rid of some cds at first too. I gave up smoking about 7 years ago. But no,to be honest I have never gave anything up for lent.

  2. honestly, never even gave it one thought. guess we've never paid much attention to it because it wasn't part of our "religious practice" so-to-speak. i guess each person does it as they see fit, but i never saw much meaning in it, personally.

  3. hey girl! I have given things up over the years... mostly unsuccessful or grudgingly though... i think it is "more effective" if you will to take ON an activity rather than give one up. I.e., read the Bible longer each day, etc. All that to say I think people who give up chocolate during Lent are CRRRAAAAZZZZYY: it's Cadbury Mini-egg season, after all!


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