Friday, March 13, 2009

For the Married Folk...

I am sure most of you are super cool and totally hip and/or taking The Challenge, so you have probably already seen this video. However, if you are like me and a little behind the times, you might have missed it. I will rate it PG-13, so you don't have to explain to your children what foreplay means, but it isn't nasty. C'mon people who do you think I am?

If you have been married more than two weeks at least some part of this ditty will make you smile. Enjoy and have a great weekend, maybe even mixing a little "business" with pleasure.


  1. argh! my "internal sound device" on my computer is shot (new comp soon, unfortunately) so i can't listen to anything. bummer! i'll try to get to another comp to hear it. i'm such a "mom" now. all i keep looking forward to for thes weekends are "Ahh...time for dad to take over so i can clean the house, do the laundry, unpack, etc etc etc." maybe i should rethink some things here ; ) i really should work on quality time because cleaning can always wait. (sorry...that may not be on the exact topic here, but that is what this post made me think of!) thanks!

  2. LoL!!! That is hilarious! My hubby is always saying, "are you ready? I've got on my BUSINESS socks!" :) Too Funny! Thanks for stopping by my blog! It's nice to "meet" another Montana Mama! :) My hubby was a carpenter for a while also! And your son is adorable!

    Happy UBP! :)


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