Wednesday, March 25, 2009

Bad Glasses - SFMTY

There once was a period of my life, a three year long period, when I left home, went to college, left college, got married, and went to college, again, that I was really poor. SO, poor that I kept postponing my eye exam. A period of my life when my glasses filled most of my face. A time I'd like to forget, but then I would have to burn these pictures.

Wow, I don't know which is harder to look at me in those giant glasses or that creeper car in the background ?!

Here I am on my honeymoon. We decided that we would take the "cruise" around Waterton, it would have been nice except that it was FREEZING cold, in August! Good thing I had those HUGE glasses on to shield my eyes from the wind.

By this time I was only wearing my glasses when absolutely necessary. It was apparently a must wear moment because I was missing something. Doesn't my sweet hubby look annoyed? He was probably thinking - "I sure wish she would break those glasses on "accident"."

Finally here I am looking over the glasses. Why did I even wear them at all? Someone please tell me.

I hope you got a chuckle at my expense. I know I did! Find more embarrassing pictures here.


  1. Holy cow! Those are some big glasses.....and the saddness of it all?

    I had the same pair. FOR YEARS.
    But I was pretty well trained to take my glasses off before a photo (still do that actually)....

    GREAT FRO post. Just perfect.

  2. i think i had that pair!! :)

    thank goodness for contacts!

  3. I'm feeling this strange and tremendous urge to head for the ophthalmologist right now. Two guesses as to why...

  4. I totally have glasses like that hidden deep within my photo albums... thank God for contacts. :P

    Very fun pictures, and funny commentary!

  5. Responding to your comment on Rocks in my Dryer, what Sawyer said about the 70s was my favorite quote of the episode too... and is it even possible to actually take Lost seriously? Unless there's one doozy of an explain-all reveal at the end, the show is just my favorite tv rollercoaster. :P

  6. I had a similar pair - oh the pain of looking back at those photos!!! You look much better in them than I ever did!!

  7. Maybe you had a reversed librarian fantasy?


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