Tuesday, February 10, 2009

SWAK (Part 1) - The Meeting.

(I am participating in the SWAK carnival that officially starts 2/11, but felt I needed to preface my entries with this post...)

College, the new chapter in life. Barely 18 and ready to spread my wings as I headed off to the University. Little did I know what I would find there. I was a good girl, sowing some wild oats, and college was the perfect opportunity to do that without consequences. I was becoming an adult, but I still dealt with things like a child. The eleventh floor girls became my friends.
I tried to balance the pull of my family life (dad is dying), my classwork (which was hard to know about if you don't attend class), and the ever present smokin' hot men in the building.

Enter the men (more like boys) of the second floor. Yummy. Between meeting in the elevator, rush week, and just college life in general my paths were intersecting with all sorts of new people, too bad my brain was not intersecting with making good choices. I was a little lost, OK VERY lost, some might say I was floundering. You see, I was a good girl, good grades, minimal poor choices, and there on scholarship money. Most would think I wouldn't screw that up.

I blame it mostly on the boy...

That muscular cutie that I met the previous weekend at a party at Cory's house. I think he was blonde. He had a hat on and was kind of quiet. I think he lives on the same floor as Brandon. With only a tiny amount of stalking I figured out his number and invited him on a "group date" - you know the ones where your friends go to the movie with you for the sole purpose of embarrassing you, making you fall out of your chair, and force you to sit RIGHT next to him.
It was a miracle that he talked to me again afterward. I was smitten and I thought maybe he was too, but you never know, it could have just been the beer talking.

We continued on the same path, but he managed to get decent grades (I think because he went to class). Together we became even more entrenched in our bad habits. We weren't very good influences on one another, but we didn't really notice. Time passed, secrets were shared, love (or at least lust) began to grow. Life seemed almost manageable when we were together. And things started to change.

(I guess you'll have to come back tomorrow to see what happens next )


  1. I want to read what happens next!!!

  2. ahhhhh, college days!

    great story and i am glad i read part 2 first!!!


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