Thursday, February 19, 2009

Making a House a Home

I love blog hopping at home decorating sites. It is so fun to see how creative people are and how they can decorate with things that I never would have guessed could look so great. The Nester did a great series on how to spruce up a room in 10 minutes or less and people linked up their transformations here. Take a look.

I have two things that prevent me from jumping into the decorating frenzy headlong.
1. I am lucky if I can keep my house clean for 24 hours, why in the world would I put up more stuff that I just have to clean?

2. I am still afraid to put holes in the wall. I know it is our house, but even with the stud-finder (haha- I bet all you single ladies had one of those *wink, wink* - I couldn't resist) I have still missed the stud and put the nail in drywall alone. Then I feel like an idiot when I confess my blunder to my perfectionist carpenter husband.

3. My house must be at least 3 times SMALLER than the houses I see on other blogs - who really has enough space to have a craft room, office, exercise room, bathrooms you could sleep in, kitchens with an island, and spots for little tables with cutesy things on them? Certainly not this girl.

But, I LOVE to have a house that is warm and inviting. I really want to cultivate my homemaking side and be more hospitable. I have a wish list that includes all the things that I am seeing across the blogosphere that apparently make a world of difference.

Picture Frames of all Sizes & Spray Paint- So I can frame whatever the heck I feel like and paint them any color I want.
A Mirror or 5 - It makes a room look bigger and ritzy

A Wooden File Cabinet - To hide all my paperwork.

Night Stands-Because we live like senior citizens and read or do sudoku's before bed.

A NICE Slip Cover for our Couch - Hubby is adamantly opposed to any slipcover, but I am convinced if I buy the $100 one, it will fit like a glove.

Lots of people are using glass hurricanes, plates and other things that I am sure my B would destroy so I am holding out for a long while on those.

I admit it would be fun, but sometimes I wonder if by wanting those little touches in my house I am only revealing that I am not content with what I have. How do you balance having a beautiful home while not getting caught up in material wealth? Isn't a true home one that makes you feel welcome regardless of the decor?


  1. I like to do "knock off" ideas. I have a lot of pretty platic vases that look like glass. I dress Pebbles up in a fancy dress, do a photo shoot and hang the diferent poses in black 8x10 frames instead of buying things for the wall. Candles and mirrors are good too! Great post.

  2. Two books came to mind, and my thoughts about what came from which one is probably quite jumbled...Edith Schaeffer's, Tapestry (i think), and Elizabeth George's, A Woman After God's Own Heart. Both women seem to have a neat perspective of their roles in the lives of their families and people around them. A couple of things I gleaned from one or both of these books were - Many times the woman sets the "tone" of the home (ESP. in our attitudes). Our enjoyment of decorating can be used by God to make our home a more restful, peaceful refuge for our families. It is often a check of motives for me - am I doing it to be "up with the Jones'" or is it to build that peaceful spot for me and the rest of the clan??? I have a copy of the Elizabeth George book you could borrow, but not the Schaeffer one (think my church library does, though, if you want me to check it out :)!

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