Wednesday, February 18, 2009

Just Put it in the Blender

Before motherhood, I was not a person concerned with things like pesticides and fertilizers. I was also not concerned about saving money. Then I entered the sisterhood of parenthood and realized that making your own baby food can be healthier and cheaper. It is also fun!

If you are a mom who has a little one I suggest you head on over to Wholesome Baby Food. This site is fantastic and eliminates the need for any of those expensive baby food recipe books because they have tons of recipes listed for FREE! You can't beat that!

I also wanted to share the other thing that has revolutionized my life. I know I may be a little in the dark ages, but ladies if you have never had a food processor you MUST try one out. I was a food processor virgin until I inherited this beauty from my sister-in-law, who, Norse thinks, inherited it from his parents.

I know it looks a little vintage, but it chops my socks off! I am not sure how I ever lived without one. You may think the blender is good enough, but after using the FP I now know how naive I was.

Happy homemaking!

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  1. ha! i think my mom has that same one. i wish i could've gotten one handed down to me...they are EXPENSIVE! we bought ours w/ a wedding giftcard about a year ago. i LOVE the FP. i used to make the baby food for the girl i used to nanny. i created my own recipes because that awesome website didn't exist yet! i made stuff like eggplant parm, (baby friendly ingredients, of course). i had fun. she also liked asparagus risotto, etc. i had fun creating recipes for her. (she had expensive taste, her parents were rich snobs from NYC) i love this website - saves much time than having to think of something on your own. i plan to start making micah's food soon. he's not digging much food at this time anyway - he likes avocado, mango, and bananas - my little tropical baby!


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