Wednesday, February 25, 2009

Change of Scenery

Here I am in my old office...

I like that I am obviously channelling my inner valley girl for this photo.
"So, like, hello"

Also notice the decor of the room. Wood panelling always says class and our extra seating for staff meetings were plastic lawn chairs :) Man, I miss that old office.

Here I am in the new office...

Instead of plastic chairs we have plastic toys. I also apparently have more time to try to wear eyeliner (I better keep trying to get it right). It is definitely different and harder to stay focused, but worth every moment.

Join in the fun with the final "Fro at We Are That Family...


  1. I like the new office... that wood paneling is very dark and you look so much happier in the new one.

  2. Hahaha....but, at your old office, you didn't get smooches from the boss! (right?!)

  3. you do look MUCH happier in the new office. :-)

  4. It looks like you have a great office mate now!

  5. You definitely look happier in the new office. I think we all look better in eye liner! Well, ladies do anyway.

  6. Love the new office!


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