Sunday, January 11, 2009

I can't wait!!!

Last year we "bid" on a room at the Kandahar Lodge, when we were at a banquet for the DREAM program. We won! While I was hoping to have my first "alone" time with my dear hubby while we snowboarded the day away, it will not be. My sweet baby boy will be with us, however I still can't wait to have a great time on Big Mountain...err the Whitefish Mountain Resort in February!

How old was your baby before you left him for a night? Boden is going to be 9 months soon, but without a grandparent near us it is difficult to find a trustworthy babysitter with which to leave him. There are lots of trustworthy people we know, but I worry that they may not continue to be our friends if we left a naughty baby boy with them for the night. Family members do not have the luxury of dodging us 'til we go away, so they seem to be a safer bet for babysitter.


  1. Dude, my advice is to leave him with a trusted friend (or two). It is only ONE night, right? And people should realize that, yes, sometimes babies can be difficult. Boden can do it! You can do it! Go for it! :-) And... ultimately you are his parent so go with your gut of course.

  2. It was on my birthday when Kyron was about to turn 2. I called so many times that Suzie asked my date to take away my phone. I picked him up at 6 am. After my heart broke the first time it became much easier! I would wait 'til you are done nursing unless he will take a bottle... but then I am a little on the over-protective side of the mommy spectrum... lol

  3. Missed you Saturday. Hope you had a fun weekend with family!
    We left Keith and Jacob for a weekend at friends' house from church when Jacob was about 10 or 11 months. He was weaned at that point, but if Boden's use to taking a bottle, he would do okay, I'll bet! Let us know when it is, we would totally be willing! Sometimes having lots of "distractions/entertainment" helps the time go by for those little ones :)! We have LOTS of those at our house :)!


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