Sunday, December 21, 2008

Santa's Workshop

When my sweet hubby was a boy, his Aunt and Uncle gave him a very special gift...

It is an ornament box. Every year following they would give him an ornament that was just for him with the intent that when he left home and had his own Christmas tree he would have this beautiful box full of ornaments. I can assure you he had a box full of ornaments ...

however, they were not all his :)( I'll have to do a post on some of the dandy ones we ended up with :) The good, the bad and the ugly) Special note: The tinfoil star was from our first Christmas together as BF/GF in college. We still have yet to get a tree topper.

I just thought this was a FANTASTIC idea and now that our family is growing I convinced Norse that this would be a great gift for the nieces and nephews. So we set out in search of wooden soda crates with the dividers still intact (so they will hold ornaments). We ended up with Pepsi because Coke ones are really hard to find and people it was the week before Christmas. We had to make due with what we had. My amazing husband, the perfectionist, made the lids and put on hinges and latches.
I think these latches are great!

He must get mad props (ha... had to bring that back) for freezing in the garage and still managing to keep the profanity to a minimum when dealing with those minuscule nails.

Then it was my job to paint the lids. This sounded simple when I agreed to it. Buys some stencils, get some paints and brushes, and wah-la beautiful Christmas boxes. However, stencils must not be as en vogue as they were in the 80's because I ended up making my own and free-handing the lettering. It took forever.
All in all I think they turned out pretty cool. We are amateurs, but let me know what you think. Perhaps we can open an etsy store and cash in on this nifty gifty.


  1. that is such a fabulous idea!!

  2. Holy Crow, they are amazing! I wish I was your niece!!!!

  3. If you ever decide to sell them, I would consider buying them for my kids (whenever I have them, of course). Very cute, and excellent idea!


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