Tuesday, December 23, 2008

Santa's Shop of Horror's

This is the year. The year I finally sneak some creepy ornaments that ended up in Norse's ornament box back to the house where they belong - my in-laws house. Hehehe. I did however want to justify this incident by showing you a few specimens of what is to return.

First there is this...I am sure that this was a lovely homemade ornament in it's prime. I can't be too cruel because I am told the story behind this ornament is that it was Norse's moms and it was one of the few things that survived a house fire. Thus, this ornament NEEDS to go back to mom because of the sentimental value it holds.

Then we come to this...
Parents, would any of you take your child to see this Santa at the mall? Um, NO. He is the creepiest Santa I have ever seen. His eyes give away the pervert inside the red suit and with his three fingered prosthetic hand I am not sure I want to know the story about how he lost it (no offense to real people that actually have been amputees, you don't creep me out at all).

Next we come to this... When did Christmas become a holiday that included clowns. I already hide my eyes at the circus, children's birthday parties and A-1 Vacuum (Who's mascot is apparently a freaky clown) now I have to hide a Christmas too? May it never be.

What are these? It isn't bad enough that we got one of these mutant chipmunk reindeer in his box, but we got TWO! The one even has some sign of what was for dinner on a Christmas past... could it be Cheese Wiz? Maybe peanut butter? I guess it could even be ear wax. Gross!

I am pretty sure Norse never asked for this...
"Dear Santa, All I really want for Christmas is a cute ice-skating pink bear to hang on our Christmas tree. Please, I've been a very good boy." This probably belongs to one of the sisters.

Finally, reassuring me that I am not mistaken, these ornaments are most likely NOT Norse's is this...I am sure Norse could have made a one eyed Rudolph, but this one bares the initials of a certain sister "GLS" I am sure she is heartbroken, wondering why her favorite ornament never made it into her box :)

Perhaps you have some ornaments that you inherited that give you the "willies" instead of the "warm fuzzies" , I would love to see them :)

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  1. I love this post. I laughed all the way through... Merry Christmas!


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