Friday, December 12, 2008

Ode to Mullet...

Christmas often brings many surprises, but this year I was surprised by the gift of seeing little Norse sporting a mullet in some elementary school pictures. Remember folks, mullets were cool at one time, so these just go to show what a hipster little Norse was. I just want you all to know that I did get Norse's permission before posting these.

We are guessing this is about age 5/6?

This one was noted as "Norse 10 yrs"

To finish off this post, please sing this little song (by KJ-52)

Do you got a mullet a mullet going on?
Do you got a mullet is it beautiful big and long?
well If you got a mullet there's no need to hide
cause it's plain to see just so plain to me that we just need mullet pride

Verse 1:
I saw a man a walking just the other day
I saw a man a talking and this is what he say he said to me
he said son your hair is real short but in the back it's long
well if it is and it really is then you can sing my mullet song
(then he said to me)


Verse 2/font:
I said sir I have a question there's a question that I must ask
why is it when I go out in public why do these people stop and laugh?
he said the answer to your question sir it's just so plain to me
now the problem is just with these kids they got mullet jealousy
(then he said to me)


Verse 3:
the moral of the story it goes a little something like this
if you got a mullet well it's a haircut not a fish
and now when you wear your mullet just remember this little fact
see a mullet is business in the front and then a party in the back
(now everybody sing)


La la la la la la (repeat)

I know someday he will repay me for this with my big bangs and bad teeth pictures :)


  1. jesica... this post right here made my day lol

  2. The Mullet. It was a special look, huh?

    Love the song too!

  3. Oh, the mullet - really, what a good song, too! Can't wait for paybacks - I'll be watching ;)

  4. HOW have I lived all of these years THINKING that I am in the know and NOT have heard the Mullet song? Funny post!!!


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