Friday, August 01, 2008

Make it LOUD

Have you ever noticed that if you kiss someone, it has to make a sound? It isn't a kiss if you don't make any noise. You don't have to be obnoxious about it, but give it a try. A kiss without any noise is worthless, you may as well just slap someone in the face with a noodle.

Now, because I feel some responsibility to spiritualize this, that way my blog entries aren't just rediculous, random nonsense...

Do you wonder about Christians who don't make any noise? I am a firm believer in being a doer of God's word, rather than a speaker (although it is much easier to "talk the talk" than "walk the walk") However, it does make me a little perturbed when Christians who claim to follow hard after Christ don't speak up in certain, obvious situations. Jesus wasn't a guy who avoided conflict to spare peoples feelings (i.e. the woman at the well). He was more concerned about seeing a person live their whole life in bondage vs. freedom. How often do we refuse to make noise because we don't want to "jeapordize a friendship" or come across legalistic. Isn't it sad that our own pride comes before speaking the truth (IN LOVE - it must be in love). Wouldn't the most caring thing be to express your concern to a friend because their lives are in jeapordy? It makes me sad. Mostly because I am guilty of this in my own life. With my family. So much I long to see them come to Christ and yet in moments of opportunity so often I fail. Then I cop out and say "well actions speak louder than words". This balancing act of American Christianity is such a joke. I should pray for boldness like the disciples, but am I too afraid that I will actually recieve it?

Faith in Action Question: I have an uncle(well ex-uncle) who is now in prison. Not just jail... I'm talking death row. I haven't seen him in 15 years, but now I stumbled across the preceedings from his case (he murdered someone) and am torn between thinking he probably has noone now and no hope, should I try to start writing him or is he so far gone that it would just be awkward and perhaps dangerous for me to contact him? And thoughts...

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