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Political Propaganda

This post is two fairly recent opinions from John Merlette. Norse worked on his house a few years ago so I always take note when he writes in to the paper. I found these interesting and thought provoking. He swings to the right like I do on political issues so for all you left-wing democrats that I know and respect, please don't take offense, it is just food for thought.

The Move to Socialism
Authored by
John Merlette

"Walk up to the average person on the street and ask what he or she thinks of the social programs in our country. The respondent will typically praise all the wonderful benefits and entitlements the programs offer to people who suffer economic hardships or are just down on their luck: subsidized housing, free health care, support for illegal immigrants…the list goes on and on. Then ask the same person what they think of communism. Now the interviewee will get focused and talk about the horrors of gulags and repression, dictators, food lines and suffering…a failed political and economic system.

What most people fail to understand is that socialism is nothing more than communism-lite. Socialism is the candy and communism is the tooth decay that always follows.

Welcome to the USSR folks…the United States Socialist Republic. I can use that term since the Union of Soviet Socialist Republics no longer exists even though Putin is doing all he can to put it back together again. The acronym is relevant because our nation’s political system has rapidly devolved into a dangerous new product that seductively cloaks itself in the sheepskin of democracy. Listen carefully to the preachings and promises of Senators Clinton and Obama. Their rhetoric reeks of socialistic policies to the detriment of democracy and freedom. The liberal candidates boldly discuss how they will tax the working populace like drones to feed their vote winning, money squandering social programs. Their campaign promises are quoted verbatim from the Socialist Party’s political, social and economic platforms. Look it up online and see for yourself.

Some Republican candidates timidly tap dance on the entitlement platform too, knowing full well that a bold, pro-democracy position attracts search-and-destroy journalists like pigs to a feed trough. Even George W. Bush is carelessly plunging us into a global economy that erases our borders with Mexico and Canada thus nullifying our hard fought sovereignty. Remember the Alamo, George? Or is that another part of Americana that has been banished from our politically correct public schools?

In the late 18th century, Alexander Fraser Tytler, a Scottish historian/professor at the University of Edinburgh, supposedly had this to say about the fall of the Athenian Republic 2,000 years earlier: “A democracy is always temporary in nature; it simply cannot exist as a permanent form of government. A democracy will continue to exist up until the time that voters discover they can vote themselves generous gifts from the public treasury. From that moment on, the majority always votes for the candidates who promise the most benefits from the public treasury, with the result that every democracy will finally collapse due to loose fiscal policy, which is always followed by a dictatorship.”

It’s not democracy itself that fails; it’s the form of government that politically illiterate citizens allow to replace it. This next election is perhaps the most crucial in our two hundred and thirty year history. We are on the threshold of losing our precious democracy and, beyond that, there is no turning back. When you elect a politician, you are gifting that person the power to improve or to destroy your own future. Are you willing to foolishly give up your vote to a candidate for superficial reasons like gender, race or personal appearance when so much more, including our nation’s destiny, is at stake?

I urge you to take the time to find out what each candidate stands for and then vote for reasons that truly matter, for the sake of future generations if for nothing else. "

The second of the two focuses more on religion and the loss of religious freedom for Christians.

Is government creating a new Church of USA?
"It may not go down as the greatest irony in American history, but the one I have in mind is worrisome to me because its taking place right here, right now. I'm speaking of the creation by our government of the Church of the USA.

We're all familiar with King Henry VIII of England and the Reformation, the result of which was the replacement of Catholic papal authority with the supremacy of the British crown. The vehicle for this religious usurping and transfer of theological control over the citizenry to the British royal family was the Church of England.

Responding to fears expressed by clergy and concerned citizens the newly created United States of America te Founding Fathers assured the people that the Continental Congress had no intent of repeating the same mistake on our soil, i.e. the creation of a predominant religious society controlled by government officials.

The great irony is that every time a federal judge makes a ruling or a public official makes a statement or enacts a aw pertaining to public displays of Christian expression or the upholding of traditional values, his or her bureaucratic meddling into such religious affairs isn't an act protecting the sectarian separation of church and state as is often touted ad much As it is the imposing of contrary social/religious values on righteous citizens. That is the real problem and is my concern.

For example, when our government orders public schools to require gay/lesbian education classes, anti-theistic instruction that contradicts traditional Christian beliefs, it clearly is an attempt by our government to encourage people to abandon religious principles they embrace and accept a different viewpoint. The same is true of abortion, pornography and many other serious social issues that mold the type of society we live in.

The liberal adherents mask their socialist theology under the catchy phrase "political correctness." The clever methods being used to subvert our traditional society are obviously a tremendous success for the proponents. One need only watch old movies to see how many of our freedoms and traditions have been replaced by the atheist Church of the USA. The only step our government hasn't taken is to legitimize the title.

Does this worry you also? If so what are YOU going to do about it? Get informed, get out there and discuss your concerns with your family, friends and vote with your moral conscience as your guide!

Whether you agree or disagree with me, voice your opinion."

You'll have to excuse any grammatical or spelling errors, those are mine from typing it in... I'd love to hear feedback if you made it through this whole post and have a comment!

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  1. erika rodgers7:20 PM

    i have to admit...i read this post shortly after you posted it. i'm still chewing on it. my opinion/thoughts here may seem a little scattered because i'm still thinking about it. bear with me : ) it is quite the eye-opener, yet not surprising especially because of the area i live in (delware leans pretty far to the "left"). some of this post hits even harder since i'm about to have my first child (and since i have 4 young nieces, 3 of which are just starting out it a public school system). my oldest niece went to kindergarten in a school in Atlanta and was in for a rude shock. They were one of those major schools that completely changed everything - kept God and "religion" out of everything. not only did they begin to change their ways of teaching, they didn't allow the kids to have any "christian" holiday celebrations, especially Christmas. my niece, only being 6 a the time, had the good knowledge to understand differences, and understand when things "aren't right"...and she was thrilled when she moved back to Montana and went to a school where it was ok to "talk about God" and "celebrate Christmas". yes - she was talking as a child would, but it was a shock to her. what hurts me the most is how children are affected. and how differently they are taught these days in the public system then when WE were their age, which was over 20 years ago. they are full of such innocense and simplicity and a mind ready to be "molded" and filled with more & more knowledge. i agree with this man (if i'm reading it correctly) that it seems as thought our country is being somewhat "redirected" in all the new teachings going on in schools, etc. teachings to our sweet young children so fresh & eager to learn. i don't have the answers - but i guess i could say SOME "safe" amount of "open-mindedness" might be good to teach them - but even that term is somewhat vague. in my opinion it has to fall in the lines of keeping with our own faith and not straying from our roots and what the Word of God says, what is Truth, etc. even if the schools and government stopped teaching this (or removed it entirely) i'd still feel it important to teach my own kids the truth about our country, our "founding fathers", etc. i don't know. it's a sensitive issue. i think it's sad. i could say so much more, but i'm beginning to ramble i think : ) obviously my opinion here is in response to the 2nd part of his writing. i think it's time "those people" need to look back again on how our country was founded...the history of it all...etc. they can't "rewrite" history. i think our kids get enough "worldliness" with stuff on TV, magazines, seeing people in public, etc. i think it should be up to the parents to help teach their kids about differences in other people rather than having the government control what is taught & not taught in schools regarding those issues. it kind of seems to me that rather than separation church & state, they seem to be meddling MORE in it. make sense? i don't know. again, just thoughts here. rambled random thoughts. may not make sense, but just my randomness! thanks for the thought-provoking post!


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