Wednesday, April 18, 2007

What we've been up to

So I know you have been dying to know all about our recent happening so here they are. We found out that we suck at snowmobiling. You would think that Jeremy getting stuck in his pick up before we even got to the cabin would have been our first clue that we would be spending most of our energy on digging ourselves out of the snow. Then...

We had several great days at Big Mountain, Blacktail and Lost Trail shredding the slopes. Hmmm... we sure didn't get enough snow this year. Then...

Norse debuted as "70's man" during the bi-annual shaving of the beard. I liked it, but he wasn't ready to find the short shorts and tall tube socks to go with the sideburns.

Finally, we have spent our boring weekends at home tormenting our loyal pet. Doesn't it make you want to come visit?

=) Jes

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