Monday, August 07, 2006

Where are you?

It's been a whole week since I last blogged. I like to think it is because our life is so amazing that I didn't have time, but it is just busy. Norse and I have been itching to do something fun like hiking or backpacking, so we took the opportunity to head to the bitterroot and take in the great outdoors.

Friday night we headed to my grandparents to spend the weekend with plans to hike Trapper Peak on Saturday. I am not sure why we chose to hike our first 10,000 Ft peak (which is considered a "strenuous" climb by a couple different books) for our very first hike of the summer, but we may only get one hike so we figured we had better make it a good one!

Saturday morning rolls around we head to the trail and head for the peak! It was a good climb most of the way and when we reached the final few feet to the summit, the dog decided she did not like to climb over the giant boulders that made the mountain top, so I opted to give Norse the pleasure of completing the entire hike and he went on ahead to snap some pictures.

I waited patiently and finally decided that for some reason Norse must have began down without us! A little frantic, I started my way down the rocks, but the dog wouldn't come. So after a spanking and some yelling, bribery and pulling on her collar we finally made it to the bottom of the rocks. The first group of people confirmed that yes, Norse had begun down the trail and according to their report, he was looking for me and was "way down the trail" . So here are Nadia and I trucking down the mountain and we have no water, and I being my usual graceful self slip on some shale and scrape my knee. The dog and I are parched and bleeding, quite the sight. I am already thinking about exactly what I am going to say to Norse when I see him, and boy is he gonna be sorry.

Meanwhile, Norse has asked the only other two groups he has seen on the trail if they have seen a girl with a black dog. They both respond "Yes she is down the trail a ways." (Just a note: This was some other random lady with a black and white dog.) So he continues to speed down the trail trying to catch up with me. Wondering where I am and why I chose to go on ahead without him.

So finally , we meet 10 minutes from the trailhead. I am almost all the way down and Norse has started his way back up the mountain to look for me. He looked frantic and I am sure I looked afraid. It sounds so cheesy, but in those moments I know we both felt like we had found what we both knew we could never live without...each other. So I didn't yell at him and after we both shared our version of the story we decided that was a really strange sort of circumstances and we didn't want that to happen again.

That was our weekend excitement. We had a really nice rest of the weekend with the grandparents and the talk of hunting season is already in the air! Greta is getting married this weekend and life marches on. I hope you have a great week and maybe something fantastic is awaiting tomorrow!

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  1. I started a blog and have forgotten how to use it.
    However, I wanted to offer a complement on what a great writer you are.
    AND I appreciated the reminder of what we really crave is human connection.
    I had a similar miscommunication accident of losing my husband, but at 20 feet underwater, scubadiving, when he was at 80 feet. To put it into my own words, I was upset with him until I understood he didn't leave me on purpose, he was told that I was going up to the boat by the divemaster. I was grateful when we did reconnect, and we both learned from the experience. Thank you for a great read. Kitty


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