Tuesday, August 29, 2006

Two exciting things!

Norse and I just returned from our little jaunt to Wyoming to celebrate our sixth wedding anniversary and right before that we moved our handcrafted log bed into our room! Pictures will come soon, but for now you just get the synopsis.

The bed is incredible and it renewed our commitment to someday having a bedroom that you can open all the doors and drawers in the room at the same time and not have used every square inch of available space up. We are so excited to have to move that bed into a new house someday.

Our trip was also a great time to reconnect. My marital advice to any couple ~ spend some concentrated alone time together so you can remember all the reasons you love them and to learn new ways to have fun together. Friday we landed in Red Lodge, MT at this little b&b the Weatherson House. Circa 1910 the house was great, and even boasted a clawfoot tub to soak in. We took in the local mainstreet (all 3 blocks) and dinner at the Red Lodge Pizza Co. It was fantastic. The next morning I even scammed a couple extra rasberry scones from our Hostess and we headed to Wyoming.

We landed in Cody around 11:00 and had fun looking at the shops. Our lone souvenir purchase was one of those "old time photo's" of the two of us. Did you know that you have to look serious in those pictures? Norse did great with his sharp jaw line and piercing blue eyes, however my cheesy grin was unmaskable and my serious faces were awful! So we settled on one of us "smirking" and I have been trying to work on the stone cold serious face ever since. Next time I will be ready. We then layed around the hotel for a little while, caught the gunfight downtown, and headed to the Proud Cut Saloon for the best steak in town! It was so good and the highlight of our dining experiences in Cody. So if you are ever in Cody, without the kids - I was carded just so I could be there - eat there. It is worth the $$.

Sunday we visisted the Buffalo Bill Historical Center that boasts 5 wings of Art, Guns, Western memorabilia, Indian Artifacts, Wildlife, and info. We spent the most time in the gun wing and Norse even found the 1873 that Grandpa Art left him. It was fun.

We headed home Monday via the Beartooth Highway and enjoyed just hanging out together. We are so mindful of God's incredible blessing on our marriage and are stoked to see what He has for us in the future! Pictures probably on Thursday!

Have fun this week!

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