Tuesday, August 22, 2006

Growing up...

The rodeo was a great time and although I didn't find any cowboys for Rachel to ride off into the sunset with, I am so thankful for such a precious friend to hang out with. Not too many exciting stories. Just a few questions to ponder...

What is a guy really trying to make up for when he wears a tank top to show off his bulging biceps?
How does a pig win "Grand Champion" ?
When riding the zipper, what is the maximum number of spins your cage can make?
Can a person live on cotton candy alone?

On a more serious note... How do you convince a teenager to not get too caught up in High School relationships? I know this will sound parental, and Chels may get mad when she reads this (I love ya - little sis), but she has a 16 year old boyfriend who has already spent a few days in "juvi". I know people change, and yes as I have gotten older my moral standards have become much higher, but she is just 14 and I don't want to see her make stupid mistakes. I am open to comments. Do you just have to resign yourself to the realization that teenagers just have to learn from there own mistakes? Hmmm.. what did I learn from mine?

Anyway, Norse and I are headed on a trip later in the week, so be prepared for exciting pictures of our anniversary getaway! 6 years! Crazy huh.

Have a great week!

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  1. Michelle9:00 AM

    Hey, this is a while ago, but I'm "catching up" on your blogs... I hope your sister is doing well (and I hope that guy is outta the picture)! But... I was totally there myself as a teenager. Totally with the wrong guy and I KNEW IT and I still couldn't seem to get myself out of the situation. Thankfully, the guy broke up with me. :) Well, thankfully, now. At the time I had never felt that much pain. What to do with all of it??? And it just spilled out everywhere.... But the point of all this is that maybe its a normal teenage process? At the same time what do I wish I had at that time? More people who would have pushed themselves into my business and helped me do what was right even if it hurt. I had TONS of great influences... but I really needed someone to kinda kick my butt a little. (Oh, I still need that, wait...) Don't know if any of this helped! TTYL.


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